Monday, 23 October 2017

No need to be disgusting

Someone asked for my opinion today on the allegation of sexual misconduct directed against MACC boss Dzulkifli Ahmad.

Honestly, I don't think I'm in the position to say anything about it as the whole thing looks like something very personal.

Furthermore, I had seen this report a few days ago,


“Our divorce was done amicably. It is a personal matter and has nothing to do with Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad as alleged by the video. We will not hesitate to sue those who continue to spread the controversy for their own personal gains,” wrote Shazreen on Facebook two days ago, which was also signed by her former husband Mohd. Hafiz Jehangir Shah.

I would be sceptical if the denial was just by the woman, but it looks like she was backed by her ex-husband on the matter.

If someone has to complain, then it should be the woman's ex-husband, but in this case, he is also denying the allegation against the guy who had allegedly enticed his wife away from him.

So, how?

Really, I can't see how I can say anything more about this matter.

The person who was supposed to be most aggrieved by whatever that had happened said he was not so.

Therefore, who am I to comment on it.

I'm not a religious person but I believe that all I can say is that this matter is now between those personalities said to be involved and Allah the almighty.

To go beyond that is to risk making false allegations against those people, which from what I know is a grave sin according to Islamic teachings.

Well, I believe other religions teach the same too.

Anyway, I read some of the blogs which mentioned this allegation against Dzulkifli and found the way it was discussed rather distasteful.

This is a comment at a posting on the matter which I picked  from one of those blogs,

Konkek bini najip laaa

Try la badak air

Sodap... air banyak

Bini najip tak selera ker

I was like...what the hell was that for?

Do they really need to write such comments?

Seriously, I don't think such comments will help win support for whatever cause the commentator was championing.

It's disgusting, okay.

I hope, you all who read this blog will not leave such comments here.

I had received complaints from those who felt that I was being too lenient in letting through comments at this blog but I told them that was for freedom of expression.

Well, I actually spiked off quite a lot of comments too, especially the vulgar ones which used words such as "melancap", "fucking melayu" etc.

I used to be very lenient before, but decided I need to control the comments a bit more after a 14-year-old girl said sometimes back that she reads my blog.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

By right, Shafie shouldn't worry

As everyone should know by now, Warisan president DS Shafie Apdal is currently under remand.

His brothers and several others who are close to him had also earlier been detained in the graft probe of RM1,5 billion meant for rural development in Sabah. Some of them are still Umno office bearers.

The case is definitely a blow to Pakatan's hope of penetrating Sabah, which in my opinion has replaced Johor as the tiang seri of Umno.

Pakatan people have of course denounced Shafie's arrest and accused the BN government of political prosecution.

I believe many others saw it the same.

They probably asked, if it's indeed true, why was it that Shafie and gang were not stopped from stealing the money when he was still a minister and vice-president of Umno.

Well, tough question.

However, I think if Shafie did indeed steals the money, then he should face the consequences. Political prosecution or not is besides the point.

RM1,5 billion is a lot of money, okay. And it's meant for the poor rural folks in Sabah some more.

After all, even Umno people in high office were prosecuted for allegedly stealing money from the rakyat. People such as TS Isa Samad and that Johor exco member Latif Bandi.

Okay, I know some of you will definitely jump and say how about DS Najib Razak whom you all believe had stolen billions of ringgit via 1MDB and other schemes.

I think for that one you all have to be patient and wait for things to fall into place.

If you all feel so strongly about it, you should continue your campaign against Najib so that he could be toppled and then prosecuted. You should also pray for God to give you success in that endeavour.

 I believe that if Najib is indeed guilty, God will give you all the satisfaction of seeing him fall and even thrown in jail.

Nonetheless, we still can't excuse the likes of Shafie if he is later on found to be stealing too.

You can use a thief to catch a thief, but not so if the thief is claiming that he should be the boss after that.

What's the point in toppling Najib just because we believe he's a thief only to replace him with another thief?

I believe MACC should be allowed to do its job.

If Shafie is not guilty, I'm confident the prosecutors will not find anything to be used against him.

But if they do....then, that's just too bad for Pakatan.

What ever it is, the case should remind others in power that they have to be extra careful not to fool around with what's not theirs, especially when it comes to things and money that belong to the rakyat.

I believe God will somehow punish them if they screwed up their responsibilities on it, one way or another.

This somehow reminds me of my friend who used to be a close aide of former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman.

He told me that he was so glad that his boss was always proper in doing things that he didn't have to do anything wrong while discharging his duties.

Despite losing his job after Ghani retires from politics, my friend said he was okay.

"If we do the right things, InsyaAllah there will be rezeki for us. What's even more important to me is that my conscience is clear and I can now sleep peacefully at night. There's nothing they can find to get my former boss and me," he said.

True enough, there were attempts to get some dirts against Ghani and his people right after he left office in 2013 but nothing was found.

An example was when a forensic audit team was sent to the office of Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor (KPRJ) around that time to get evidence implicating Ghani with allegation of stealing rakyat money.

The team found nothing.

Well, if they had found something, I'm quite sure Ghani and probably my friend too would be in jail now.

I even believe those people who wanted to get at Ghani would fabricate something if they felt that would have helped their cause, but for that they have to go through the MACC first.

Thankfully, MACC would not have allowed itself to be manipulated that way.

I'm quite convinced of that.

After all, those people who were after Ghani at that time were very very very powerful.

So, I think MACC is still quite okay.

At least, I don't think it will take up cases based on false evidence.

Even if it got orders from "up above", I believe it will investigate the case accordingly and will only act on real evidence.

Therefore, people like Shafie shouldn't worry if they had never stolen rakyat money.

Pakatan people should also not worry about things such as political prosecution if their leaders are indeed clean from corruption and such things.

Allah would be with them and give them victory over BN if they are on the right path and sincere in saving this country.

Really, I do believe that.

Hmmm....quite intense right.

Never mind.

You all relax and enjoy this clip from a heartbreaking movie and the song which goes with it.

Be cool.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Johor separatists

Apparently, there are quite a number of people who support the idea of my home state Johor to break away from Malaysia.

This is one of them from my previous post,

"I believe Johor will regress to be a real third world autocratic country if it is to go on its own."

What, "third world autocratic country" - you mean like Malaysia currently : )

"My friend said that it all started with that ridiculous Muslim-only laundry nonsense in Muar."

Not at all.

DYMM Sultan Johor & TMJ have been very steadfast in drawing the line on the Najis al-Songlap regime and extremism. They have been doing so for years already.

Actually Johor would be VERY successful on its own.

If Singapore did not regress or become a pawn (BTW, China owns the pinklips crooked backside due to 1MDB bailout via ERCL), then why not Johor with the wise leadership of the Sultan?

Less racism, less corruption, more harmony.


No problem at all.

Develop links with Singapore and make JB a regional centre of excellence.

An independent Johor would thrive.

Safe from the hooves of the hippo thief.

From the way the comment was worded, I believe this Johor separatist is a Pakatan supporter.

There were several other similar comments.

I'm a bit confused because all these while I thought Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who now leads Pakatan as its chairman was against any idea for the break up of Malaysia.

Or maybe these separatists were the confused ones....I'm not sure....

I never believe Johor will separate from Malaysia but since there are those who insisted on it, I decided to write this for academic purposes.

Anyway, from such comments, I concluded that the Johor separatists wanted some sort of a monarchy system if the state is ever to go on its own.

Well, basically, there are two types of monarchy systems. Please click on the links to learn more about them;

Absolute monarchy

Constitutional monarchy

I believe what we have now in Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy while absolute monarchy is something like what they have in Brunei.

I think ours is better.

It's more democratic as we the rakyat have the ultimate power to decide where our country is heading.

And I prefer Johor to remain part of that democratic Malaysia.

Of course the separatists claimed that Malaysia is no longer democratic and therefore they support for Johor to leave the federation.

I think such argument is very irresponsible because I believe that Malaysia is still a democracy.

Well, there are still opposition parties and people who support them and they are quite free to say a lot of things against the government which if they were in Brunei would land them in jail.

They would end up in jail for those too if they were in Singapore. The rich supposedly democratic island republic still got ISA, okay.

Even if the Malaysian democracy is flawed, I don't think separatism is the answer. It's our responsibility to correct it and I believe we still have the power to do so.

Okay, I also feel that those who preach Johor separatism need to learn a bit more about the state's history.

This is a simple one I took from Wikipedia,

In the early 16th century, the Sultanate of Johor was founded by the Alauddin Riayat Shah II, the son of Mahmud Shah, the last Sultan of Melaka who fled from the invading Portuguese in Melaka. Johor sultanate was one of the two successor states of the Melaka empire. On Malacca's defeat by the Portuguese in 1511, Alauddin Riayat Shah II established a monarchy in Johor, which posed a threat to the Portuguese. The Sultanate of Perak—established by Mahmud Shah's other son, Muzaffar Shah I—was the other successor state of Malacca. During Johor's peak, the whole of Pahang, present day Indonesian territories of the Riau archipelago, and part of Sumatra Island was under Johor's rule.[8]
A series of succession struggles were interspersed with strategic alliances struck with regional clans and foreign powers, which maintained Johor's political and economic hold in the Straits. In competition with the Acehnese of northern Sumatra and the port-kingdom of Melaka under Portuguese rule, Johor engaged in prolonged warfare with their rivals, often striking alliances with friendly Malay states and with the Dutch.[citation needed] In 1641, Johor in co-operation with the Dutch succeeded in capturing Melaka. By 1660, Johor had become a flourishing entrepôt, although weakening and splintering of the empire in the late seventeenth and eighteenth century reduced its sovereignty.[citation needed]
In the 18th century, the Bugis of Sulawesi and the Minangkabau of Sumatra controlled the political powers in the Johor-Riau Empire.[citation needed] However, in the early 19th century, Malay and Bugis rivalry commanded the scene. In 1819, the Johor-Riau Empire was divided up into the mainland Johor, controlled by the Temenggong, and the Sultanate of Riau-Lingga, controlled by the Bugis.[citation needed] In 1855, under the terms of a treaty between the British in Singapore and Sultan Ali of Johor, control of the state was formally ceded to Dato' Temenggong Daing Ibrahim, with the exception of the Kesang area (Muar), which was handed over in 1877. Temenggong Ibrahim opened up Bandar Tanjung Puteri (later to become Johor's present-day capital) in south Johor as a major town.[citation needed]

Flag of Johor. The colour blue represents the State Government, the colour red for warriors defending the state, the white crescent and 5-sided star represent the monarchy and Islam.
Temenggong Ibrahim was succeeded by his son, Dato' Temenggong Abu Bakar, who later took the title Seri Maharaja Johor by Queen Victoriaof England. In 1886, he was formally crowned the Sultan of Johor. Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor (1864–1895) implemented a state constitution, developed a British-style administration and constructed the Istana Besar, the official residence of the Sultan. For his achievements, Sultan Abu Bakar is known by the title "Father of Modern Johor".[citation needed] The increased demand for black pepper and gambier in the nineteenth century lead to the opening up of farmlands to the influx of Chinese immigrants, which created Johor's initial economic base.[9][10] The Kangchusystem was put in place with the first settlement of Kangkar Tebrau established in 1844.[11] The decline of the Kangchu economy at the end of the 19th century coincided with the opening of the railway line connecting Johor Bahru and the Federated Malay States in 1909 and the emergence of rubber plantations throughout the state.[12] Under the British Resident system, Sultan Ibrahim, Sultan Abu Bakar's successor, was forced to accept a British adviser in 1904. D.G. Campbell was dispatched as the first British adviser to Johor. From the 1910s to the 1940s, Johor emerged as Malaya's top rubber producing state, a position it has held until recently.[citation needed] Johor was also until recently the largestoil palm producer in Malaysia.[citation needed]
During World War II, Johor Bahru became the last city on the Malay peninsula to fall to the Japanese. Allied Forces, Australian, Malayan and Indian forces held out for four days in what was known as the Battle of Gemas,[13] the General Yamashita Tomoyuki had his headquarters on top of Bukit Serene and coordinated the downfall of Singapore.
Johor gave birth to the Malay opposition that derailed the Malayan Union plan. Malays under Dato' Onn Jaafar's leadership formed the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in Johor on 11 May 1946. (UMNO is currently the main component party of Malaysia's ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.) In 1948, Johor joined the Federation of Malaya, which gained Independence in 1957.

Learnt something, right?

Well, I like reading history.

It puts things in perspective.

It's cool too.

Okay, before I end this post, here's a very simple history lesson on my favourite foreign country - Japan;

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Please stop the Johor jokes

A friend told me that there seemed to be quite a lot of Johor jokes going around in cyberspace these past few days.

I'm not much into the social media, so I didn't know about it.

My friend said some people from other states are starting to jokingly call Johor a "negara jiran" (neighbouring country).

Others posted pictures of them at KLIA international departure hall saying that they were on their way to Johor.

There were also those who joked that they were preparing to go to Johor and making sure their passports were all okay.

My friend said that it all started with that ridiculous Muslim-only laundry nonsense in Muar.

I don't know how that stupid issue could become such a big deal and led to all the Johor jokes.

Honestly, I'm a bit distressed when my friend told me about it.

Come on la, Johor will always be part of Malaysia, okay.

Please stop all these nonsense about my home state breaking away from the federation, even if it's just for laugh.

Well, I'm a Johorean but I don't even subscribe to the Bangsa Johor thing.

You can read about it at this previous post of mine;

I think there are more Johoreans like me than those who are over parochial.

So, please stop making it as if you all want to kick out Johor out of Malaysia.

I know, some of you all non-Johoreans were probably annoyed by all those Bangsa Johor things being said to be so special.

There were even talks about the setting up of Bangsa Johor schools.

Please la, don't pay those any attention.

Most of us Johoreans are not into such things.

I believe Johor will regress to be a real third world autocratic country if it is to go on its own.

Or it will just be a pawn of a foreign power.

That's why I'm so against any suggestion, even jokingly, for Johor to be separated from Malaysia.

It's stupid anyway.

To the authorities, I hope you all will go after those who preach separatism, not only in relation to Johor but also other states.

Such people are traitors to Malaysia and should be dealt with accordingly.

Okay, that shouldn't include those who just joked about it. Yes, they are annoying but they are just jokers.

I'm talking about the real separatists here.

Anyway, talking about what supposed to be Bangsa Johor schools, it reminded me of this video;

I think it's amazing how they educate their young in Japan.

They don't even have cleaners and gardeners in schools over there as the students are trained to do the cleaning and gardening themselves.

And they don't even call their schools Bangsa Jepun schools.

They are just schools with no labels.

It's the substance and not labels that matter, I believe.

(Note: Comments deemed seditious will not be published for obvious reason. Thank you)

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Pribumi not there yet

I was alerted of the less than successful "Love Malaysia, Eradicate Kleptocracy" rally in PJ yesterday by commentator Cik Minah

I say Annie, Himpunan Kleptokrasi di PJ pun Kosong!!!!
Blog-blog umno macam Hussien Lempoyang and Cucu Tok
Selampit, bukan main bertepok tangan!!!!!!
KAHKAHKAH..........memang patut Najib adakan PRU14
dengna segera. Sepatutnya bulan depan,

Thanks Cik Minah

I checked those Umno blogs and other sites and it's true that the rally was rather poorly attended.

Its attendance was definitely less than the 100,000 touted by the organisers.

It was reported that the organisers estimated that 25,000 people were there but police said there were just about 4,000.

The rally at 9pm

I think it's a case of poor planning and an overestimate of support.

If I'm not mistaken, the rally was mainly spearheaded by Pribumi.

The day's official colour was Pribumi's red.

It clearly shows the party's lack of experience.

Since it was held in PJ, they should have let DAP be the main organiser of that one.

Even PKR and Amanah would had done better.

It's something they should learn from.

A poor turn out such as at yesterday's event reflects badly on the opposition coalition.

It's actually better not to have a rally at all rather than having a poorly attended one like that.

I think even the theme of the rally was a bit off.

It's too elaborate, if you asked me.

I always believe that the 1MDB issue is not really a good sell as most Malaysians don't really understand it.

Those who said they understand it are also mostly saying so because they wanted to appear as if they understand it while in actual fact they don't.

The issue may add to the body of accusations against PM DS Najib Razak and his government, but it's not actually something they could use as the main selling point to the general Malaysian public.

Pakatan people, especially those with Pribumi seemed to think too highly of issues against Najib and BN that they highlighted, while in actual fact the people are more concerned about more basic things such as costs of living, education and health care. 

I noticed something about many Pribumi people - they think they are smarter and know better than others, especially their former Umno comrades.

I don't think they actually are.

I think this mistaken belief of theirs is the main problem of Pribumi, which led to blunders such as yesterday's poorly attended rally.

Now that it's clear that they don't have what it takes yet to organise such events, they should learn from their seniors in the opposition coalition.

That, or they better stick to what they were supposed to be good at - winning the rural Malay votes for Pakatan.

I know, Pakatan readers of this blog are likely unhappy with what I wrote here, but it's the reality of things for them.

This is my honest opinion of how things are at the moment.

If BN was said to be in bad shape, based on what happened yesterday, I think Pakatan is not doing so good either.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Remembering Araki-san and a little question to Pakatan people

I was surfing around today when I came across this picture,

Corporal Yukio Araki holding a puppy with four other young men of the 72nd Shinbu Corps around him on May 26 1945. Araki-san was 17 years old. He died the following day after crashing his plane into a US warship off Okinawa during a kamikaze attack.
I was touched by the story.

Araki-san was the youngest kamikaze pilot known to die during the Second World War.

Japan surrendered to the Allied forces less than three months after his death.




Someone sent me these just now via WhatsApp,

Pakatan people, are these for real?

What happened la.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

BN winning the cyberwar....

Saw this at RPK's Malaysia Today;

​BN Semakin Popular Di Media Sosial, Pembangkang Semakin Ketinggalan


Menurut kajian terbaru Politweet, 5.8 juta pengguna media sosial Facebook (FB) berumur 21 tahun ke atas semakin berminat kepada Barisan Nasional (BN) berbanding hanya 3.1 juta yang berminat dengan Pakatan Harapan. Politweet adalah sebuah firma penyelidikan yang membuat kajian mengenai media sosial di Malaysia.

Menurut kajian yang dilakukan Politweet pada Julai 2017, 51.6% atau 3.3 juta pengguna Facebook berumur 21 tahun adalah peminat eksklusif kepada BN berbanding hanya 9.4% atau 600,000 yang dikenalpasti sebagai peminat eksklusif Pakatan Pembangkang manakala 39.1% atau 2.5 juta meminati kedua-duanya.

Bukan itu sahaja, menurut kajian bebas itu turut mengesan kecenderungan pengundi muda di Malaysia sekarang ini lebih minat kepada UMNO dengan jumlah sebanyak 4.4 juta orang (68.8%), PKR 1.8 juta (28.1%), DAP 1.3 juta (20.3%), PAS 950,000 (14.8%), MCA 740,000 (11.6%), Gerakan 150,000 (2.34%) dan MIC 81,000 (1.3%).

I'm not sure how true is the report but it sure defy my belief all these while that Pakatan is winning the cyber war, especially among younger Malaysians.

Apparently, Malaysia Today picked the report from here,

This is also interesting from that report,


...Social Bakers pula menyenaraikan lima fan pages pro Barisan Nasional yang merupakan “Fastest-Growing Politics Pages in Malaysia” pada minggu lepas iaitu Fan Page Zahid Hamidi yang bertambah 44,273 fans, MCA yang bertambah 2,257 fans, Friends Of Barisan Nasional yang bertambah 2,240 fans, Irmohizam Ibrahim yang bertambah 805 fans dan Noh Omar yang bertambah 726 fans dalam masa seminggu lepas.

Hmmm...even Selangor Umno chief TS Noh Omar seems to be getting more popular.

Okay, if that's so, then I was wrong, and BN is going to recapture Selangor in the coming general election.

In fact, based on the report, I think BN will without doubt win the coming GE14 with two third majority again.

Well, I just wish the report is more specific on the reasons behind the popularity of BN and Umno especially among the younger people.

For instance, maybe Noh Omar is getting more popular especially among the younger female voters because he's handsome and cool.

Maybe other Umno leaders could emulate Noh Omar's style.


Okay, whatever.

Please don't mind me too much ya.

I'm actually writing this post because I'm bored.

Just took my medication and feeling a bit groggy.

Going to take a nap now.